Company Mission
Global Energy Options

GEO’s Intention

GEO is a global green-tech company dedicated to developing a diverse range of innovative clean energy technologies for application across many industries.

Our research labs on three continents develop tested and proven technology that works with today’s existing infrastructure.

The GEO Philosophy

In order to make a real impact, alternative energy technologies must be transitional in nature, easily adaptable into the world’s current infrastructure, and work NOW.

It would be impossible to quantify the amount of money and resources that every country on the planet has invested in creating existing infrastructure.

Sustainable technologies that require massive investment in changes to our infrastructure will take decades to integrate into our lives in order to make a positive impact on our environment. Herein lies what GEO believes is the real inconvenient truth: a real, effective solution must work within the world’s current infrastructure.

Core Values


Our mission is to develop alternative energy technologies that have the greatest positive impact on the way we live with the earth.


We have a passion for science and technology. We will always push the boundaries of engineering to find the solutions to the problems man has created.


We believe it is our duty to share our energy technologies with the world. Our strategic partnerships are founded on a unified vision, integrity, and commitment to improving the world.


Great people make GEO a great company. Protecting their space so they can flourish, develop new ideas and excel in their field is our first priority, always.


We take a global and social approach to profit sharing. Building a profitable business and commercially viable technologies maximizes our ability to protect the earth and benefit its communities.

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